We love getting to know you & what this time really means to you. It’s the experience & details we find in planning your wedding that brings everything together in a refined & seamless way.
— Hannah T, Head Planner

Our Process


Step 1


We get to know you.

The first and most important part of planning your special day, begins with us getting to know you. Building a trusting, honest and friendly rapport, enables us to design your wedding to suit you and for us all to have some fun together along the way. The planning journey can often be 12 months +, so we want to make your time with us as special, fun and worthwhile as possible. Collaboration is at the forefront of all we do for you, and our relationships enable us to design your bespoke wedding and find the perfect vendors to bring your once in a lifetime event to life. 

Step 2


We plan and design every detail.

We pay meticulous attention to the details in design and logistics to ensure your wedding is sure to 'wow' your guests. We take the time to look at the things you love, your desires, your wishes, your hopes and dreams for your special day. Our planning method is collaborative and we consult you with regular meetings and constant contact, to ensure we are crafting a sensory experience that you love and your guests will never forget! We get the design and logistics to a place where everyone is feeling confident and excited about what is to come.

Step 3


You and your guests enjoy every second!

On average, our team will have spent 200+ hours planning, crafting and creating your special event. But we don't rest there.

When the big day arrives, we are there to oversee, manage and set-up every detail just as we have planned to ensure the day is running meticulously behind the scenes, as you and your guests savour every moment!


Our Services

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