Business: Why I believe in Collaboration over Competition amongst Wedding Planners


With our new blog, I have hoped to bring you some insights not only into our Weddings but into the building of and behind the scenes of the business. Today, I'd like to share with you an ingredient I believe is paramount to success as a Wedding Planner - Collaboration, and why at HT Events, we prioritise relationships above all else. 

If you’ve read our website or know a bit about our story, then you will know that at HT Events we truly believe that collaboration is key to success. I fundamentally believe this to be true. In this industry collaboration is crucial and having the right connections and people around you should be every Wedding Planners first prerogative.

Collaboration ensures we can produce and deliver the most amazing event possible for our clients! Client satisfaction is the driving force behind our business - it is always our number one. We truly want this to be the best day of your lives and we understand just how monumental this day is. That core value is also the reason we only book one Wedding per day – to ensure we are there for you, delivering on your wedding with the right team of suppliers for your day.


That team of suppliers may change on various events depending on requirements, but getting out there, meeting people, and building trusted working relationships is the best thing any planner can do for their business and their clients.

Personally, I’ve also been lucky to make some other “planner” friends along the way. When I first entered this industry, I had the real sense that Wedding Planners seemed to compete and weren’t necessarily friends. Over time I have discovered that this couldn't be further from the truth. Of course, at the end of the day we are business competitors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support and uplift each other to make this industry truly great and most importantly, leverage our collective knowledge to produce outstanding results for our clients.

You also never know when you may need to call in reinforcements on a job (life happens!) – and who better to reach out to than another experienced planner that you can trust to assist and deliver the job to the standard you and your clients expect.


During my pregnancy I did just this – I called in reinforcements for the biggest wedding we had ever produced (just six weeks after the birth of my daughter). After spending months stressing about the need to expand our team by hiring another person, I realised that another Wedding Planner friend was the perfect fit to help us out on that job – and you know what, it paid off! That wedding was a HUGE success - our team was absolutely on their A-game that day. As it turned out, I was able to work that full day (something I wasn’t sure of beforehand), but the peace of mind that came with that extra set of hands, was the most valuable thing I could have done for myself, my team and my client.

HT x 

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